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The 3rd edition of our #LIEDINNOVATION competition creates space for your vision of the art of song in the 21st century: What does song – poetry, chamber music, voice, instrument, intimacy – mean to us today? We are looking for young concepts that break new ground, think contemporarily and meet the audience in their living environment.

Innovation / Artistic Quality / Audience Engagement / Contextuality

1.2.2022: submission deadline
15.2.2022: results 
26.5.2022, 20h: performance (mandatory) @ Bistro ZEUGHAUS KULTUR

Paid performance of the concept (max. 4 artists/CHF 800 per person) during the RHONEFESTIVAL 2022
2 nights accommodation for the artists
Technical aid during the whole event
Concept consultation

Introduction video introducing the ensemble and your concept vision (max. 2 min.)
Description of your concept in max. 2000 characters
Artist biographies & detailed programme as one single PDF file (max. 3 pages) 
2 links to audio / video recordings (can differ from the proposed programme; all participants must appear in at least one video, with the exception of media artists, coders, etc.)

Lea SIKAU / Franziska HEINZEN / Toni Ming GEIGER
The jury reserves the right not to award the prize if the criteria are not met. The data and concepts will not be disclosed to third parties.


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