The town of Brig in the canton of Valais/Switzerland provides a historic recital hall in the biggest baroque castle of the alps, surrounded by the beautiful Swiss alps. The CASTLE OF STOCKALPER was built by Kaspar Jodok von STOCKALPER (1609–1691) in 1660. He traded with salt and soldiers and controlled the trade of one of the rare passages between North and South Europe through the mountain pass “Simplon” above the city of Brig.
The castle, often called Versailles alpine, is seen as the biggest castle in the Alps. An open air yard surrounded by arcades and three towers used to be the market place, and big public garden rebuilt from baroque maps offers a great view, various decorative rooms and the chapel can be visited. And last but not least, the hall of the knights offers a perfect acoustic for the concerts of the RHONEFESTIVAL.